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Evaluating Information in Academia and the Real World

Evaluating Information in Academia and the Real World

This workshop will feature a 25-minute presentation on Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, Fake News, and Credibility. We will discuss each topic both within the context of scholarly research and as it relates to news consumption in daily life, as well as the importance of information literacy in the modern era. Participants will complete an article evaluation activity, which will allow them to practice critical thinking skills as well as reflect on the differences between academic and non-academic sources.  

This workshop is estimated to take about 45 minutes total, including time for activity and discussion. Informative handouts and business cards will be distributed at the end, and the librarian will be available for follow-up questions. 

For more information contact Brooke Gross, Research & Instruction Librarian and Assistant Professor, at btgross@olemiss.edu

Thursday, October 6, 2022
2:30pm - 3:15pm
Classroom (106D)
  UM Student  

Registration is required. There are 40 seats available.

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Brooke Gross